Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More updates

The site will be live very soon my friends! Sadly, I won't be having any clips for sale until January BUT for some that don't feel like you can wait for that have another option. And that option is to simply buy a camshow. (more info about that will be posted on the site when it's live)
I will update my site as often as I have something interesting or fun to either show och write about. I will try to start video blogging even tho I find it kinda scary which is strange since I'm totally okay with being naked in front of a camera but talking about stuff, no not so much.

So my life right now: math, reading about taxes, thinking about cool ideas for clips to shoot, and some working on the site (it's my darling friend who does all the work, I just try to tell him what I want on my site etc so I can't really say that I AM working on the site really.) and a lot more!
It's.. kinda stressful to be honest, but I really can't complain because I actually have a life now! It's amazing.

Since I'm done with everything for today I'm finally gonna relax with some games and beer! Cheers all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yey, go me!

Guess who just finally did pay a webhosting company to host her site?
This girl did! It was quite expensive for me but worth it since it HAD to be done so I can finally let my site go live. It's a big step and there will be other big steps I will have to take to make my dream come true. It feels like I've just started walking on the street to awesomeness!

Wish me luck because now I have to send some info to bolagsverket or skatteverket (whatever) about starting my own company. I feel like a little grown up at the moment :)

I promise that I will work on some new material this weekend as long as I don't get my period... No one wants to see that shit.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello again!

I have been really lazy with my updates but that's becuase I don't do so much that's interesting right now.

I'm currently studying my ass off, playing WoW, exercising, trying to eat better, you know, boring shit.
About my website, most of it is done but I have some small things that needs to be fixed before i can release it to the world. I'm trying to get some new material, but since my camera sucks and my editing skills are very poor my material doesn't even look good enough to sell. However, I will work with it and hopefully every clip will look better than the previous. I will also try to release some clips for free, you shouldn't have to pay for porn really, so I want to give those without money some nice things to fap to aswell.

I will try to keep you all updated! Til then, have a nice time :)