Friday, January 27, 2012

Tits in public. Good or bad?

I think it's time for the world to stop seeing tits as such a big thing. Come on, they are just tits! 50% of the worlds population have them!

Males are allowed to walk arounf with nothing covering their upper bodies, why shouldn't females have the same right to do so? You maybe don't think it's such a big deal, we are used to females atleast wearing a bra when they are shirtless, but isn't it wierd that we are used to it, that it is the normal thing to do?
When you start to think about it, you realize how stupid it is and the only reason why tolerate this is because we grew up with it. I think it's time for a change!

This summer I will try to get a group of friends, both male and female, for a little topless walk around town or maybe just chill in the park topless, whatever feels right for everyone. See how people will react and hopefully make them think about it and realize, that it's not that bad. And I'm not saying that females have to walk around topless, just that they should have that option and it shouldn't be illigal.

Haha if people start seeing breasts with more neutral eyes, what will happen to porn? Will it just look like "ah i saw a pair of better looking tits walking past me today". But, I have small tits so this probably won't hurt my business as much, as long as i have my ass guys I'll be just fine ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Still in Umeå, and it's still great! Right now im positive and motivated to start to do more with my days!
Gonna go and hang out with a new friend (kinda new since I've only known him since new years eve) and watch some movies tonight, I'm happy about that. I rarely find new people that I want to hang out with.

My sisters told me yesterday that she and I can go and visit one of her friend's and borrow two horses for us, awesome! I haven't done any horseback riding for so many years and I'm super excited about this.
Some day when I'm rich and older I will get a farm with tons of animals, including horses, and feel like I live in my own personal paradise with happiness, cute, cuddly animals and a lot of hard, but pleasent work.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Here's the clip of me killing that poor lemon


Sleepless as always! Well, I'm having a fun time in Umeå, but now when christmas and new years is over I feel a bit worried about what to do with my time left here. You see, I can't afford to go home now to Stockholm, poor again! So I'm "stuck" here til the end of the month! I have been using my video camera a lot and I have tons of material to go through and editing until I have something fun to show for all of you.

My christmas: spent it with the better part of my family. We had a fun atheist christmas with a lot of laughs and tasty food. We played some board games too, days like christmas almost make me feel normal.

New years eve fucked shit up! It was an awesome night but as every other new years eve, you don't remember so much. Alcohol... you evil son of a bitch. I remember the fireworks though, they were amazing. Alcohol made the experience even better. And I got a new years kiss from a friend when the clock stuck twelve, it's okay that way, better to kiss someone you know when you don't have your boyfriend around than some random dude. I looked awesome that night aswell, I need to mention that, so you know. I will post a video this week of me squeezing a lemon. My pervy friend Marina documented the event with my camera. Or she isn't really pervy, but you might think that when you see what she zoomed in on. Look forward to that people!

It's time for tea and a smoke now.