Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Sleepless as always! Well, I'm having a fun time in Umeå, but now when christmas and new years is over I feel a bit worried about what to do with my time left here. You see, I can't afford to go home now to Stockholm, poor again! So I'm "stuck" here til the end of the month! I have been using my video camera a lot and I have tons of material to go through and editing until I have something fun to show for all of you.

My christmas: spent it with the better part of my family. We had a fun atheist christmas with a lot of laughs and tasty food. We played some board games too, days like christmas almost make me feel normal.

New years eve fucked shit up! It was an awesome night but as every other new years eve, you don't remember so much. Alcohol... you evil son of a bitch. I remember the fireworks though, they were amazing. Alcohol made the experience even better. And I got a new years kiss from a friend when the clock stuck twelve, it's okay that way, better to kiss someone you know when you don't have your boyfriend around than some random dude. I looked awesome that night aswell, I need to mention that, so you know. I will post a video this week of me squeezing a lemon. My pervy friend Marina documented the event with my camera. Or she isn't really pervy, but you might think that when you see what she zoomed in on. Look forward to that people!

It's time for tea and a smoke now.

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