Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back again

With some help from my sister I'm currently sitting on my mothers couch, having a cup of tea and writing this. It's snowy here up north but really mild weather! I was very thankful for that last night when i had to walk home after a night of whiskey and talk with my two dear friends Marina and Robin. I hadn't told them I was coming yesterday, I just gave them a maybe tuesday, maybe wednesday or even thursday. I hope they thought it was a pleasant surprise when i knocked on their window waving a bottle of whiskey in my hand.

I have a lot of thinking going on right now, about the future and what I really want to do with my life and how I can make it happen. My current life situation makes me a bit depressed so.

I spoke with Amelie today, we had a talk about what the hell to do about this whole situation with media screwing us over. We really can't afford a lawyer right now so taking this thing to court is out of the question. However, since Amelie is a bright young female we have some other ideas on how we might get compensated. Maybe not financially but we will hopefully feel we did all we could to get this shit sorted out. Let people hear our story, even if we work in a business when people get used and screwed (hehe) it doesn't mean that it is okay to do that. In the interview in the tv show Amelie talks about how she wants to make fair trade porn and being able to pay her actors and actresses good and not screw them over. How can they air that show if they are doing the exact opposite of what she talks about? The both of us have gone through hell with all the feelings from this incident. They should have 1. Only used that material with her permission 2. Fucking pay her for using it even if they didn't had her permission. Gosh. Things will work out. When I get home, she and I will meet to talk about future projects.
In the end, we will have made a difference.


  1. I'm a photographer, and I know what you mean about getting screwed. I imagine you're pissed because the tv-show showed quite a bit from your coming project, and I bet they didn't pay a single bit for it, under the guise that it's some form of journalistic story, not a broadcast of your actual film...

    Happens all the time I'm afraid... Only way to stay clear of it is a clearly defined contract before anything is recorded..

    Hope you both get properly paid for it. Just because you work with porn doesn't mean you like getting screwed by everyone and anyone...

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Yeah but the thing is that the producer was a friend of my friend, so we both trusted her. A very stupid mistake. I always wanna have a legit contract before I do anything but I thought that this time it might be diffrent. But it never is, sadly.

    Happy christmas to you too :)