Friday, December 9, 2011

Still poor but not as much

Sorry about my lack of updates, but I'm boring as usual right now!

Thanks to my loving family I now have some money so I won't starve to death! And it seems like I'll be able to come home for christmas. Gonna travel next week I think, was planning to do it tomorrow but sometimes it's better to wait a couple of extra days so I can start looking forward to it.

I'm kind of nostalgic at the moment, but not in a good way. For exactly two years ago I had the worst breakup of my life. But shouldn't I be over it by now? It's been two years dammit! It just feels weird to still be affected by it. And I get some really strange flashbacks. I can remember him clearer than ever, fuck, this is stupid.


  1. varför skriver du på engelska????

  2. Så att även mina icke svensktalande vänner ska kunna förstå vad jag skriver?