Sunday, October 9, 2011


I've had some crazy fun since thursday when i arrived back to my hometown! The people here are just amazing and I love you all so much. I have always feared that most of my friends here secretly hate me and that have made my earlier visits here quite hard for me because I have a hard time trusting people if I fear that they hate me haha. But now I have realized that I've just been a paranoid cunt :D

I think I'm in some weird age crisis since I'm gonna be 20 in just a few days. Have heard that when you turn 40 you usually have some mid-life crisis but not at 20! Gahhh, I'm probably going to make some pretty dumb decisions this week due to the crisis but I don't know. Maybe my brain is just trying to remind me to live a little!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oh plans!

Okay, porn and WoW are not the only things I wan't to do in my life. Since i was 14 i have been quite active with putting together shows and dealing with bands with a group consisting of friends and even family, and i have planned to continue to do so even though i don't live in the same time anymore or am able to work with the same people So the problem have been that i don't have anyone to work with because putting together shows is actually quite hard and time consuming. Now I've finally found someone that can really help me make this happen! He's from my old town and have even worked alongside my very own mother. My mother was also the "boss" over the group I used to work with so if my mum says that this guy is worth working with I belive her. He is far more experienced than I am and got quite pissed off at me because I haven't pushed him so much into making a decision if he's gonna help me or not. We met about a month ago and discussed what my goals are right now with the shows and everything and seemed kind of interested into joining me. After our meeting he told me he'd talk to me after a couple of days and tell me his descision. But he never did, until tonight. He simply said he wasn't interested to join in and help me because I didn't push him to tell me his descision. That actually made me quite angry. I had of respect not pushed him because who knows, he maybe would have a lot of other things going on in his life at that moment and i don't want to come off as a pushy bitch... And in fact he actually said that HE would talk to me when he had made his mind up. But apperently after a long chat on facebook he decided that i had proved to him that i really wanted to do this so it's on! We will have a meeting on monday and start to work things through and plan for future shows! This feels great because I really miss the whole planning thing before shows and making it happen. However I'm not quite pleased that he did the probably played a mind game on me. Well, I'll se how it goes after our meeting on monday.

Today's raid sucked and I'm really dissapointed at my guild... We didn't even get any bosses down on heroic difficulty and yeah.. I found out that I'm not the weakest link out of the 10 of us, actually I'm probably one of the better players. Well well, what does that matter if you still have a lot of people who isn't focused.

Good night all, hope you could read my whole wall of text made of my crappy english :D gonna give you a picture of my main character Kittylicious the hunter and her homeboy Ragnaros!

Just chillin'

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Getting ready for raiding!

So now I'm getting ready for the raid tonight, yeah it's a saturday and I should be out drinking tonight or something, but tonight I actually feel good about staying home! The reason is because we are going to (hopefully) start with some heroic attempts on bosses which means more progress, challenges and more fun! Sadly we have some slackers in the guild that might not show tonight and then we won't be able to start doing heroic progress. The thing is that most of the raiding guild already have atleast 1-2 heroic bosses down while we have none. So we really have to get out there and try our best.
I like getting ready for raids actually. The stuff I usually do is to first check out youtube for the tacts for the boss so I know what the fuck to do, get some dinner because raiding on an empty stomach is a big no no! Some nice drinks such as coke or beer is good to have aswell so I usually have a nice trip to the store and buy something nice. If the raid is on a weekand, as it is today, i sometimes buy some beer BUT i don't drink many of them because if I get drunk I won't be able to perform at my best :) Working out before the raid is also a good thing! I don't run a marathon or something super hard but 10-15 minutes of sit-ups and core exercises does a great thing for your body! If you are an active WoW-player you still need to stay in shape or even imrpove it! Being a fat girl player is not something I'd really wanna become so working out is sometimes boring but you feel a lot better after just a short work out! I'm gonna talk more about how to stay in shape as an active player later I think!
I think most people who don't play WoW think that you only run around slaying dragons or dancing around naked on tables but it's usually not that lame ^^ Raids for example needs a lot of preperation and teamwork. You're playing with 10-25 people that have to know what to do and try to make as little mistakes as possible. If you fail too much you might end up doing the same boss for maybe 4 hours. That's the boring part. I don't think there's anything I'd like to do for 4 straight hours. It get's really boring so everybody needs to be focused and prepared. So fingers crossed tonight that we will get some bosses down on heroic difficulty :D

Oh my dear and darling friend Marina has offered herself to do some nice designwork for this blog because to be honest, it looks shit and boring! So I'm looking forward to this! She's also going to help me to spread the blog so I'll hopefully get some more readers :)
Now I'm gonna get some dinner so I'll be able to perform tonight! BB!