Monday, February 6, 2012

Back in Sockholm

Have been home for a week now, no updates since I have been lazy, but that felt kinda good. Now it's a new week and stuff to be done :) making a cup of tea now and I'm gonna start editing all my footage from my trip.

Since I don't have a gym nearby with reasonable prices I have to continue my homw workout. And it's so freaking annoying! Laying on the floor doing sit-ups is probably the worst. It doesn't feel like I'm actually doning something good and my neck always hurts after a while. Everytime I start working out again i get more aware of my body, and i always feel fat. I kinda like my body as it is now, even though I've gained maybe 5 kg's, but it feels and looks like 20 now. When I was younger I was over-weight. So I started working out and stop eating which made me skinny, but I also became obsessed with losing weight. Now when I'm older and wiser, the same thing happens and it sucks. Don't know what to do... Since I get annoyed really quick when I work out I plan on doing 10 min work out three times a day, see how that works. I also hate walks, especilly now when it's cold outside. Damn you winter, damn you work outs!

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