Friday, February 10, 2012

Night creatures

I've been a night creature since I was 14. I kinda like it this way, everything is always more calm and quiet at night. It feels like you're the only person awake, watching the world while everybody else sleeps. Sometimes you get accompanied by some other creatures of the night and you form a strange bond of friendship because you are both loners, watching the world, but now you have each other.

Have you ever tried standing outside in the middle of the night? Listen to the lack of noise and feel a strange peace inside of you? I have tried many times to adapt to the normal life of a day creature but I always fail after a couple of days. I'm addicted to the feeling I get from the night. Maybe I just like being lonely? I wish i could become a day person, so I wouldn't fuck up other peoples routines.

Sometimes people stay up with me, I like that, it feels special. Since there's very few people awake we only have each other to talk to. You have more time for real conversations. People have more time for me. I try to contact friends during the day, but they are always so busy with, school, work, life, other friends. There's no time for me. Some night creatures I have found online, we got a chance to get to know each other, some of them I have never even met in real life, but still after many years we speak during the night. Maybe not every night, but you never forget a fellow night creature. It's a strange relationship.

It's 4:40 am, I'm still wide awake since my 1am workout. After that I have watched some tv-shows, lady wanked, eaten two sandwiches and drinking 3 glasses of water. Now I'm writing this, trying to get my thoughts and feelings about the night into words, in english. I have no problem writing stuff in swedish, english is harder. It's like my sentences doesn't contain any emotions. Just words.
And I know this blog should be about my business in porn and tits and stuff, but sometimes I have to write me off.

And sorry to my friends that I have kept up way past your bedtimes. You know, I don't do it because I want to fuck you up, it's because I like to spend my nights with you. That's a compliment from my part.

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  1. No good blogger, to little to read ;) but still nice reading :)