Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yey, been writing my business plan all day, and yes, I got logged out and didn't save so have to do it all over again, blergh!

Well, I have a business email now that you can send your questions to or just ask in comments: Hope you guys had a good sunday!


  1. please put up some kind of website and a way to pay you for the camshows or the videos you have available, i can not send e-mails to that address, get some kind of error.

  2. vart kan man se din porr??

  3. Um. Jag måste också fråga samma sak som personen ovan? :) Jag såg dig genom Amelies video på TV3 och jag tycker du är vääääldigt snygg. Jag hade gärna velat se ditt material!

    Hoppas du har tid att svara.