Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Upcoming things!

Okay, things are really going to start now, I'm gonna start my recordings for four scenes that I will start with on my site! It's almost done now so the only thing I need is some material.
I will start off with solo scenes ONLY, the reason for this is that I can't afford to pay anyone to do a scene with me. Sure there are people willing to do that for free but that would not work with the kind of porn I want to do, I want actors and actresses to get paid for what they do, I need to have some standards. So until then, only solo, no sex scenes.

I know that I will have to start video blogging soon aswell, I think it's scary as hell since my english is even worse when it comes to speaking. Well it's a good practice then, I get to work on my speech aswell as my fear of making a fool of myself. And I have to start to being able to deal with haters and people not liking me, and this is a great practice for that.

Now I have to get ready for my daily walk in the sun :) have a great day everyone!


  1. Is there already a site up or is that on hold until there's scenes?

    What kind of porn do you plan to do? Or was that only regarding payment?

  2. The site is ready :) but it's no point of going live if I don't have any material to sell.

    I plan to do a lot of kinds of porn! Gonna experiment a lot, some stuff may seem boring, and some stuff may seem too extreme :) when I can afford to pay female/male actors/actresses I will start doing more scenes, but i will start with four that will be for sale :)

  3. Ah, that logical.

    Well, it will be interesting. Always fun to see what weird things your mind comes up with :)
    Really looking forward to seeing that site and the content when it's done.