Friday, September 30, 2011

Changes lulz!

Okay people, this blog is kinda dead so I'm going to make some changes!

First of all, I'm gonna do this shit in english instead of swedish so more people can understand what the fuck I'm talking about! Even though my english sucks I strongly belive that this will be a change for the better!
The second change is going to be that I'm not only gonna fucus on my thoughts about porn and my soon to be career. So what will i talk about besides that you wonder? World of fucking warcraft! Oh no you might think or o my geee that's just awesome girl! However, you don't have to be a fan of WoW or games to enjoy those posts. They will just simple be a way for me to be more active here and talk about my other passions in life.
Enough about that, let's go!

My 20th birthday is coming up soon (congratz to me I guess) and I will celebrate it in my home town with my fabolous family and friends. There is even a chance that I will have a photo shoot with my awesome friend so the design for my web site will be better. I'm looking forward to it and the pictures won't be nude, just classy and fun. The way I like it :)

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