Friday, November 4, 2011

And the shit continues

I have a massive cold and a fever and I just found out that my dad had watched the tv-show. My sister doesn't seem to think it's a big thing because "people are curious" but to me it's a damn big thing! He could have just changed the channel! If you see your own daughter naked on tv, you change the fucking channel and maybe call her and ask "Gurl wtf have you been up to?!" but he didn't. Not even after he talked to my sister he called me and asked me what all that was about. He told my sister that i deserved a beating for doing what I do. Well, guess what I think? My dad deserves a fucking beating because he didn't change the channel.

People have been really supportive and positive about the whole thing but I don't think they really understand how I feel about this. I never agreed on letting them show so much of my naked body on tv. Ask yourself, how would YOU feel if someone showed clips of you being naked on tv without your permission?
And I don't even get any money from this. Sure, money can't make this thing go away but it would feel hell of a lot better if i got some cash so I could buy a video camera and pay someone to fix my site so I could start my own business.

So things are not so good at the moment. Trying to stay positive but dammit I have a cold :C

Btw, my guild got 6/7 heroic, that's the only good thing that has happend these last few days. So we almost cleared all content before the next patch because even if it's probably a month left until it will go live, I don't think we will be able to kill ragnaros heroic. Very few guilds have been able to do that, but hopefully, in a couple of weeks we might have a chance!