Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shape up

Arrgh have to start doing stuff again! Atleast start to work out so I can get fit again. Now when i rarely drink alcohol it shouldn't be a problem to get in shape :) but I don't want to lose my ass! I suffer from the flat ass syndrome haha, so if i start to lose weight my ass get's so flat >.< well well, don't think that I have to lose weight more like, get more toned. So tonight I'm going to work out, maybe take a walk even! Should really get some pills from the pharmacy that can help me to sleep a bit. I have always had problem falling asleep but I found some prescription free pills that worked quite well.
I have asked my mum for tips on what to do when you are just home all day long (she has been unemployed most of my life) and I'm going to try them out. Mostly stuff like cleaning haha but I guess that is better than nothing.

Last night me and my guild tried ragnaros on heroic difficulty, just for fun. No need to kill him now, new patch is up in 1-2 weeks so. But would still feel great to kill that bastard once and for all!
We didn't even get close to a kill but it was good pratice. So the next time we try it we have a better chance.
One guy was really annoying though, we had about 3 hours left of the raid time when we finished Majordomo and he didn't like the heroic ragnaros decision at all. He mostly just wanted to get it done on normal so he could do something else. Sure, can kind of see his point, we haven't planned to try ragnaros on heroic before the raid or anything but still, 3 hours left of raid time, might aswell do some pratice. We all had some good laughs when we all failed miserably on some new mechanics but we pushed forward phase by phase and even if we where not even close on a kill it was still fun.
I rarely play wow right now. Skyrim is so fun and now I have a beta weekend pass to swtor (Star Wars the old republic) and going to try that out. I don't have so many hopes for that game, sure light sabers are cool and all but it kinda have the same graphics like wow, and that's a seven year old game.
I'll get back later to talk about my swtor experience!

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