Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That damned tv-show

Okay last night I saw my tits on tv. Was a strange feeling, they looked great but the fact that tv3 wasn't allowed to use that material really pissed me off. Amelie is the one who owns the movie they showed clips from and she haven't signed anything that says "OK tv3 it's okay to show my friend's tits and ass in your show and she won't mind it at all kthxbaaaai" it was more of the opposite. She told the producer that they couldn't show that material, only those things on the screen while she is editing the movie.
And i'm feeling ashamed that I have been in the same show as that retarded cunt Barbie Swede. Seriously, how many times have she been dropped on the floor as a baby? Because seriously........ I don't even know what to say but, good luck girl, hope you like your herpes <3

Back to the tits. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from friends and even family! It feels great that the people I love actually can see this as a positive thing and not hate me for this... I only agreed to a interview but it turned out to be a lot more haha.

I feel offended. Okay i show my tits and shit in movies but I don't like it to be shown on tv. If someone buys the movie they do it to see my tits and shit, but if people are watching tv, they are not doing it for the tits. It just feels unfair and the fact that a lot of my family members watched the show and had to see my tits just feels wrong. Bleeeh. They could have atleast showed a warning before the show "Everybody who appears on this show will show their tits (even if they haven't agreed to it) atleast, if you know someone who is going to appear on the show, please change the channel" but they didn't!

Enough of this. I'm going to make myself some soup because I have a cold and I have to get ready for tonights raid. We are 5/7 heroic now and ranked 13 or 14 on the horde side of the server! Planning to get 6/7 tonight, hopefully we'll make it :)

Yeah, pics like this makes me feel better.

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