Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fever fever I want a pet beaver!

Oh shit, i hate this cold, if it's not over til monday I'll call a doctor. One second I'm freezing my ass off and the next sweat is pouring like summer rain. It feels like I have coughed up my lungs several times. I get over dramatic  when I'm sick. Last night i laid on the couch feeling miserable and weak, I told my boyfriend to get our cat (he's my son, but a cat, I have adopted him so... He feels like my baby) so i could say goodbye to him. This always happens haha, I always belive that I'm going to die when i have a cold. Sometimes it feels like my mind is still the mind of a little child. Well, I survived!

Not everything is bad today, an awesome photographer wrote to me on facebook and asked me if I would be interested in a photoshoot! Yey, I'm pretty! The only problem is that I suck at modeling, the only modeling I know of is from the countless seasons of Top Model and all that smizing (hopefully that's how it's spelled!). And if you have seen any of my ego pics you know that i always keep my mouth a bit open (like a retard or something) because that's the only way for me to get a longer more sensual face. My face is quite compact you see. Hopefully I'll get some tips how to work my face and my strange body (I'm not as skinny as I where before but I guess I kinda like it!) because right now I don't know what the hell to do with it!
But yeah, I'm really excited about this oppurtunity!

Tonight we are trying Cho'gall and Sinestra on heroic mode with the guild. I'm super nerous about this because both fights are really hard even if we are all firelands geared. I always say to people that it's not the dps that counts, it's the brain. Even though you top the dps but don't know how to handle situations and you die or get someone else killed, how much will that help the group? I play it safe with encounters until i understand fully how they work. When I do know all about the fight I can pewpew maxdps the shit out of the boss ^^ I feel prepared tonight though, hopefully the rest will be aswell.

Here's some pics on beavers!

Hello I r cutez beavah

I liek stikz


  1. go kick some ass nessy:P shame i'm not on that server anymoar :( if you still need help with that page, let me know;) PS: this is Methos, Sige's bro;)

  2. Wth, why are you not on darksorrow anymore? :(

  3. darksorrow was getting boring so i changed to a server where i got a few friends playing:P we need to catchup:P

  4. Ah where are you playing now? I think darksorrow is fun as hell ^^ but that might be because of the fact that I'm in a okay raiding guild, otherwise it would get a little boring

  5. PLaying in ravencrest atm with some really cool ppl;) we've been doing FL's and loads of HC's and I am now properly geared:P woot!
    How did that Cho'gal and Sinestra hc go?

  6. Good for you :D

    Cho'gal failed a bit haha xD so no sinestra yet!