Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yey I'll get my video camera tomorrow! Thinking about maybe doing a video blog but wtf should I talk about? I'll probably just show a clip of my cat doing stuff. That's how boring I am right now!
I will use my camera to shoot material for my site, but that is not even up yet so no need to shoot anything yet. So what will I shoot? My life is kinda dull at the moment, I don't have many friends here in Stockholm so I spend most days alone or with my boyfriend when he's not at work. Well, next time I go to UmeƄ I will have fun stuff to record such as awesome parties, more cats(!!!!) and maybe some behind the scenes footage from photoshoots :)

I'm also planning to be nice tomorrow and post some sweet pics here ^^

Til then, I can give you a sad/cute/fun pic I found some nights ago

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