Sunday, November 13, 2011


Since I have been sick I haven't been able to do so much stuff irl so I though I'd treat myself with a trip to a faire! The darkmoon faire to be precise! So I logged on to the public test realm to give it a look!

First I took a ride on a sandbox tiger! Yey!

After that i realized one of my pets whole family was in their "zoo" area so she said hi. And cried a bit probably. I feel sorry for her. I wouldn't like to see my family trapped in a zoo!

I say this very disturbing picture! Why would anything eat a unicorn? :(
And doesn't the massive gorilla on the right kinda look like the monster on the poster? I don't know if I this guy...

 Saw a mini elephant and got a bit happier! This was like an unexpected trip for the zoo for me!

And this guy was apperently to dangerous to be outside of his cage. But he's so cute!

But I'm feeling so much better now! To bad all the zoo's in Sweden are closed for the season. I need to see some animals... Maybe I should get a tent and live in the forest?

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